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Even Marshall was speechless. This was the first time he had seen such an amazing sight. The energy protection wall seemed to have been turned into a piece of burnt-through wood. No matter how much energy was being outputted, it was impossible to repair it completely.


“You’ve witnessed a laughable situation.” The two had exchanged a few greetings, and it could be that he had felt it in Wang Zheng’s gaze, so Mars calmly said that.


Saruman Snake would definitely not question Wang Zheng, but other people were not members of Saruman Snake. Debates arose all around. This Snow Li… did not seem like a main team member, and, in addition, the Saruman Snake battle team had become well known due to their physical techniques, so there was no use for an additional sniper. The most important part was that sending a sniper for an individual battle would be a gamble with a huge risk. There was no reason for Wang Zheng to do so.


The two double-edged hatchets smashed ruthlessly on the Rune Shield, energy surging. Nevertheless, the Rune Shield was relatively effective against laser and physical attacks. These ruthless attacks, equivalent to the splitting of the heavens and the earth, were blocked.


“Don’t worry, Captain!” Hu Ya was rather impatient too. He was really curious as to how someone of Zhang Shan’s caliber had managed to stay in the mix.


But it looked like a wall of death he faced. If he wanted to live, he would fight a battle, and then find a way to surrender. At least he would keep his life. Perhaps he would return a laughing stock, but at least it would not be in a coffin.

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Saruman Snake truly possessed this aura now. González and the rest had noticeably prepared long and hard for this, investigating every member of Saruman Snake. When facing Saruman Snake, do not be pretentious – no one was qualified to be.


The titanium blade was imbued with an intense red aura, and lit the whole sky.


Not only were the members of the Devil Dragon battle team excellent in their physical skills, their Ability Xs were quite remarkable too.


The Hercules moved slightly, leaning forward faintly. And with a banging sound, a silver radiance floated to the surface, enveloping the mech, extending smoothly into the body of the blade. Blade Aura.


One round of offense had already broken his shield, so Olivios would definitely not be able to take a second round. The Heavenly Overlord Attack had high internal strength, but the matching tactics were not enough. Ancient strength required ancient techniques – that was what the trio, including Zhou Yun, was proud of.


Lie Xin shook her head slightly. “I wanted to take the battle, but I’m not as good as Zhang Shan. This may be a better choice.”


Of course, this was just a business skill. Soon, everyone signed the contract amicably, and the new mining route was finally completed. However, no one expected that Maklou would actually support the KO Group. This was indeed unexpected.



González frowned. The alarm inside his mech rang constantly. Although he had been slashed in the back and he was in danger, it was not fatal.



Lin Hong frowned. “I understand what you mean. Wang Zheng can switch at anytime between bloodthirst and killing power. But even so, his killing power had not killed him.”


Fatty rapidly retreated, panting heavily. There was not a single sound coming from the venue. What the heck was that technique?


People lost their sense of hearing. A number of people were shaken by the blast. Buzzing

  • The power of the five elements surrounded Wang Zhengs body. Finally finished, it again transformed into a golden light and shrouded the Rune Warrior.
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